Sunday, 3 April 2011

that afternoon

driving through doncaster after our visit to our freinds near sheffeild. There was a sign-post for an air museaum so we went there for my brother. There was a lake nearby, surrounded by big name brands. I forget the name but It might have been something like the quayside or the lake-complex but whatever it was, thats where I went to see what would happen. As it so happened amongst the numbers of mallards and canada geese there were a number of tufted ducks. Then looking up I got my first hirundines of the year, house martins flying high above the lake. A walk into the nearby birch woodlands and I heard a skylark singing which is unusual considering we were right next to doncaster, in the middle of an out of town shopping estate. The weather was a bit gloomy but there were still lot of insects around like peocock butterflys and acurious bright red bee with a bright yellow bum! overall and exciting day, but it really needed to camera!!

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