Tuesday, 19 April 2011

lakeland day 3

Okay, So Today was the day that my dad and I decided that we would climb a mountain. We had decided to climb helvelyn, because there are some glacial features on the top that could help me with my geography exam. But before we even got started on the mountain I found a moth in the toilets. I had to bring it outside for a photo. As usual I have no idea what type of moth it is, because I dont own the book!!
so we begun our walk...It started well ,with a red squirrel scurrying in front of us as we walked in the wooded bit. But then the climb started and it was not fun. There were good numbers of male wheatears on the hills, as well as mipits, but the best bit was the view, which was spectacular.

-A small mountain stream

As we reached the top there was a feirce honking call which heralded the arrival of some ravens, dancing in the thermals produced by the sun. It makes up for the distinct lack of ravens on Arran, I can now say that I have a raven photo.

As we reached the top we got even better views of red tarn, striding edge and thirlmere

-Red tarn

-Striding edge

-Striding edge

In case anyone was wondering from the photos, we did indeed walk across striding edge and back up swirllel edge. Secretly I was hoping for water pipit or ring ouzel but neither appeared. What we did get were more great views of ravens. I can only imagine how good the photos might have been if I had my big lense. I took my small lense to make the most of the stunning views.


-Red tarn

-Red tarn from swirrel edge

-Red tarn from the top

-Me at the top!

our descent had to be speedy so we could catch my mum and brother in good time. Ironic that all the wildlife began to spill out about this time, starting with the ravens that had been the highlight of the whole day!

The next bird we found was a skylark, but it was some way off and in song flight so I could not really stop and waiot for it to come down! At the bottom I spotted my favourite beetle, the imfamouse green tiger beetle! little I could do in the photo department as I diddnt have my big lense, but you can tell what it is, and it could tell what i was, Its black, evil eyes followed my every move, so we left it in peace!

-Green tiger beetle
Back the caravan site, I set up to try and take some photos during lunch, but the only bird that came was a chaffinch, so I took a few quick shots!

That afternoon we decided to go for a row on the reservoir and see if we could see any unusual birds, that would be the usuals. The weather was ideal, a cloudless sky and the water was completely flat. The first bird we encountered apart from the mallards and usual werethe barnacle geese, they had moved islands to a private island, which implies that they had got fed up of being on a none private island and therefore being harrased.

-Barnacle geese

Further round we encountered the mergansers fishing as usual and giving me another oppertunity to photograph them.

-Red breasted merganser

Back at the boat station I decided to try and get some interesting shots of the ducks, like the one below dabbling!


It was a tough day but well worth it for the view. Sadly it diddnt get any easier that evening! After a game of frissbe with my family I walked to listen to the game, which was a draw! I was really hoping that Spurs would do the double over arsenal, Never mind!

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