Sunday, 6 March 2011

woycolle cp again

A beautiful morning, greeted us and so we decided to go to Wycolle country park again, because its very beautiful and decent for wildlife. As soon as we arrived My dad spotted a distant feildfare, only noticable because it was perched on the crest of a hill. However, One feildfare soon became several, with starlings there too, and they were foraging in the grass for bugs. However as I tried to get closer, I spooked them, which is so often the case but at least this can give you an idea of the number of birds that there were. As one group took off other groups joined them unil there was quite a big flock circling above.

Down at the cafe we were joined by a number of blue tits on the feeder that was positioned in the tree next to our table. It allowed me to get some decent shots, which is what I had been wanting.

Then the blue tits were joined by a long tailed tit, which gave me my best photos of this species to date. there was also a goldfinch but it staye on the none visible side of the feeder, giving me only views of its tail feathers.

A wander round the ponds gave us our best surprise of the day. It seemed to get better at every pool. At pool one we spotted a frog, in pool two that became several frogs, and then several frogs and frogspawn. This was our first this year, and really early too, so it was a really nice surprise.

After that there were even more frogs, and much bolder than the others. I managed to get some decent shots, my first this year.

At the last pool we got an even bigger surprise. Not only was there a small clump of frogspawn in one pond, but in the last pond there was absolutely loads. The most I have ever seen at one time, no exageration!

I returned to the frog inhabited pools to get some more photos of rediculasly early frogs in stunning sunshine.

As we wandered past the last pool on the way back to the car, I noticed that the masses of spawn had been joined by a frog (although I somehow doubt that this one frog layed all that spawn!). I took a photo to show the proud dad, with all his offspring!

besides all that we diddnt really see anything, but still a great day.

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