Tuesday, 8 March 2011

its been worth the wait

I have not been posting much this year, and its annoying me. So what better way to than to say that after two years, I have got my fossils back from the Yorkshire Museum in York. There were two of them, and we sent them there for identification, which has taken a while because of refurbishment of the museum, but over half term I got them back. So here are the two specimens:

Fossil A

I am not really sure where I found this one, it just turned up on the shelf one day. I have taken it many places, and the geologist at Oxford casually passed it off a fish tooth, But Stuart, the geologist at york has compared it to the collections there and he has identified it as a small, or juvenile, plesiosaur which is a type of marine reptile that had a long neck and would have swept through shoals of fish picking off individuals.
Fossil B

This on the other hand was found on the isle of wight, after somebody at the dinosaur farm museum told us to look out for these. Everyone we have taken it to had the same idea, and there was no change this time, although Stuart said that it was a piece of pterosaur wing, rather than tooth, as we first believed. We had identified it as pterosaur as soon as we found it, but to have it confirmed was nice.

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