Wednesday, 30 March 2011

the garden recently in the sunshine

Once again the garden has been buzzing with life, as it always is in spring. First on the list would be the linnets that returned for morning. we have not seen them since but it is likely they will be back, as they keep spending increasing ammounts of time here ever year and last year they stuck around for about a month. Next it would have to be the frogs. Not only have we got frogs by the bucket-load we now also have frogspawn to go with them. The frogs this year have been significantly lessshowy this year than last year, open a door and they go straight away, so you have to really sneak up on them and even then you only have a few minuets to get the shots before they scarper.

And finally we have had a reed bunting return to the garden which is always a nice sight. This is only the second time we have ever had this type of bird. he stuck around longer than last time, that being about 10 mins rather than 30 seconds. Unfortunatly he decided to stick to the bottom of the garden so I couldnt get a decent picture.

so there has been plenty going on since I last posted, and hopefully it will stay that way!

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