Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year!!

well, it seems sad that 2010 should be over. for me at least it has been a brilliant year in terms of birdwatching with two "vagrants" and plenty of other amazing birds.
-trumpeter finch
-pied billed grebe
-water rail
-red throated diver
-golden eagle
-cettis warbler
-red-backed shrike
-bearded tit
-red creasted pochard
-spotted redshank
-that badger!!!!!!!!
-the water vole(s)
-Chinese water deer
-swallowtail butterfly
-scotch argus
-black tailed skimmer
-black darter
-brown hawker
-banded demoiselle
-red eyed damselfly
-common emerald damselfly

it really has been a remarkable year. I don't know where to begin! I learnt how to use the macro setting on my camera lens so I can take photos of dragonflys. and its not just new birds, what about the yellowhammers in Scotland or the rock pipit in Scotland which allowed me to take such stunning photos. the badger is without doubt the most extraordinary, special, surprising thing that's happened this year, and with good reason. the finch, with its chase and me being closest to it, was a great first twitch, the art of patience with the red-backed shrike and the ear defeningness of the cettis warbler. all this and more has made 2010 the best year so far in my life for wildlife watching!

sadly the memory card reader has broken and so many of the December posts will not be seen until well into the new year, due to the number of snow photos I have taken!

I cant say that I'm particularly looking forward to next year, what with GCSE's and A-level options but I'm sure well do fine and the birds will continue to show!

but most important, thanks to everyone who has visited my website over the past year! I have really appreciate the comments I get and hope that you continue to find my blog of some interest over 2011!

Happy new year!


  1. And the same to you Dan, its great to have such an enthusiastic and capable young birder locally, it gives us oldies hope for the future! Have a great 2011 and thanks for the excellent blog.

  2. dont mention it, thank you for visiting it so often!