Saturday, 29 January 2011

the feild behind our house

teeming with redwings this morning, as soon as I got up they were there. I got a few pictures but the shutter speed was on slow-my bad-and a rouge magpie chased them away. I went outside to but some leftovers on the birdtable and there were some feildfares there, but no redwings this time. The feildfares were a bit far really so I diddnt get any pictures. About one quater of an hour later I had another look and there were redwings, feildfares, mistle thrushes, goldfinches and woodpigeons so it was all very exciting. my brother says the card reader is working, so watch this space!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Manor heath

Driving past Manor Heath and spotted the anual redwings there. My dad was in a rush to get to church and as a result I got kicked out of the car, with the camera, and left to try and take a good photo. The problem was, that the birds flew away immediatly, I diddnt even get close. After a quick stroll towards the place where they were, I spotted one bold bird that had stayed in a tree, It was quite tame too and I was able to approach it quite comfortably and get some decent shots. It was also at eye level, which is an important factor in photography.

these are by far the best redwing photos I have taken to date!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

mooching about

going to my dads shop to work today, on the way there we spotted some lapwings in their usual feild by the side of the road. Also spotted a jay at distance. a decent few spots overall

Thursday, 20 January 2011

walking home

quite a few special birds have revealed themselves whilst I have been walking home, today it was a sparrowhawk that flew over the path I was walking on through bradshaw park at about my head height. I diddnt really get a great view but a clear enough to tell what it was.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

halifax town center

waiting for offsite PE this morning in town I spotted a grey heron flying over halifax train station. A nice sight

Monday, 10 January 2011

the feild across the road from my house

surprised to find when I came home to see some brown objects scurrying around in the feild across the road from my house. I grabbed the camera and went for a look. There were three red legged partridges, but as soon as I saw them They could see me and they hunkered down. I took one step closer, to look over the wall and they made a break for it. the photos are poor becuase of the poor light but thats a great local record and very special birds too.
Please excuse the photos-very poor!

Monday, 3 January 2011

oxenhope moor

spotted plenty of red grouse driving up. my dad was not keen on continually stopping every time I spotted a grouse but eventually I managed to get him to stop near an obliging grouse and I got some decent photos.

hardcastle craggs!

a cold morning at the craggs. there were some pretty spectacular ice features where in summer there would be waterfalls. in terms of birds there were a couple of dippers and a adult green woodpecker and a jay plus a mixed tit flock. besides that there wasnt much. photos to follow!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

wycolle again

once again we took a trip to the beautiful lancashire village of wycolle. I cnat say that there is much in the way of birdlife but it is really pretty anyway. in the way of birds we saw, treecreeper, feildfares, redwings, goosander, dipper and a robin, so a decent haul overall. have got some photos but the card reader is broken so they will have to wait!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy new year!!

well, it seems sad that 2010 should be over. for me at least it has been a brilliant year in terms of birdwatching with two "vagrants" and plenty of other amazing birds.
-trumpeter finch
-pied billed grebe
-water rail
-red throated diver
-golden eagle
-cettis warbler
-red-backed shrike
-bearded tit
-red creasted pochard
-spotted redshank
-that badger!!!!!!!!
-the water vole(s)
-Chinese water deer
-swallowtail butterfly
-scotch argus
-black tailed skimmer
-black darter
-brown hawker
-banded demoiselle
-red eyed damselfly
-common emerald damselfly

it really has been a remarkable year. I don't know where to begin! I learnt how to use the macro setting on my camera lens so I can take photos of dragonflys. and its not just new birds, what about the yellowhammers in Scotland or the rock pipit in Scotland which allowed me to take such stunning photos. the badger is without doubt the most extraordinary, special, surprising thing that's happened this year, and with good reason. the finch, with its chase and me being closest to it, was a great first twitch, the art of patience with the red-backed shrike and the ear defeningness of the cettis warbler. all this and more has made 2010 the best year so far in my life for wildlife watching!

sadly the memory card reader has broken and so many of the December posts will not be seen until well into the new year, due to the number of snow photos I have taken!

I cant say that I'm particularly looking forward to next year, what with GCSE's and A-level options but I'm sure well do fine and the birds will continue to show!

but most important, thanks to everyone who has visited my website over the past year! I have really appreciate the comments I get and hope that you continue to find my blog of some interest over 2011!

Happy new year!