Saturday, 13 November 2010

pied billed grebe-woo!! and local(ish) too!!

exciting vagrant news reached me on Thursday, that there was a pied billed grebe on Hollingworth lake. I managed to persuade my mum to take me, although really it was more a convenience because we had things to do over that way. exciting didn't begin to describe it as I headed over there on the Saturday. the only downside was that we had to cross the tainted border (shudder) but it was worth it.

As soon as we were in a reasonable area I spotted plenty of twitchers so that I would never get lost. it was an easy enough spot to find once you were there which alays helps if your carrying lots of expensive kit around! Soon enough I managed to find what I was looking for, A large crowd of people looking at the bird, and sure enough the bird came out from the reeds less than one minuet after I arrived. I was very excited, as you often are when faced with Britain's current rarest bird. There was a very very large crowd gathered to see the bird with people from all ages.

the bird was coming really close to our near bank and so I was able to get a handful of shots but it was really difficult with all the trees and twitchers in the way! even so I managed to get some decent record shots. I diddnt really see the bird whilst it was here, so focused was I on getting the record shot that I desired and this was the mistake I make with the "finch", taking the photos and forgetting the memories!

I was able to get into a suitable position to take some more photos but for some weird reason the camera was not focusing properly and so none of them came out as sharp as I would have liked (Damn) but still, at least I have proof that I have seen one! below is a photo as it swum along the bank parallel with us, real close.

After that it drifted towards the far bank and stayed there until I left, meaning no more photo opportunity's. but luckily I had brought along the scope and was able to get some smashing view through it. I hardly ever use the scope and so it was a real treat to be able to see a bird like this doing all kinds of stuff, like eating fish. I would have liked to take the photos of such behavior but I don't have a lens long enough!!

And so here we end another successful twitch. that's two in one year of vagrants and others of sorts of none vagrants. but still, let us appreciate the cute little brown bird that lightened up what would have been a rather poor autumns birdwatching (minus the waxwings of course). its been a real bumper year for "my birding starting September 2007."

As you can see this was a bird just like you would expect, small and brown, but because of its heroic story of crossing oceans and Lancashire you feel somewhat, humbled by being here in its presence. I am not sure If I could convey the excitement of seeing such a bird to anyone not involved in birdwatching but it truly is an awesome experience...

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