Saturday, 27 November 2010

more waxwings

And I have finally found my own!

Walking back from greggs on the way back to my dads shop in cleckheaton at work I spotted a few largish (starling sized) birds roosting in the trees near tescos. As I saw them they flew overhead and to the otherside of the road where there was a berry loaded tree. they all started eating but I diddnt stick around. My dad had never seen a waxwing properly and so I tried to hurry back to tell him so that he could look.

He wanted to come but understandably couldnt come and see them because of the shop, despite the fact that nobody would be cycling becuase of the snow. later though my dad sent me round to tescos on an errand, and to see if they were still there so that he could go! I went round and they were perched right in the ip-tip top of the tallest tree. still they were there so I went back to tell him.

When we arrived (after putting a notice up saying "back in 10mins") the birds had gone! the irony however my dad suggested that we go back via the carpark andso we did. there were a number of large birds flying around and that led me to spot a large flock of birds roosting in trees at the far side of the car park. We went for a look but as we set off a large mistle thrush flew overhead and all hope faded from within me. still I was in for a shock, they were waxwings and they were really close. If I have only got the camera on me at the time but still! there were birds feeding on berries in the tree next to us and birds roosting in the tree opposite us. All this until a large carrion crow came and flushed them all out of the tree and set them off flying away from us. Still, it was rather useful because we had to be getting back anyway.

it was great to see the birds so close and great that my dad saw them too. the only thing that I am not happy about was the little camera issue becuase I could have got some great shots at that range!

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