Thursday, 28 October 2010

cotwolds holiday-day 5

We went home today. I was hopeing for a wildlife filled last day but my dreams were shattered. We went to a national trust property outside of Stratford-Upon-Avon. It had a big house and a deer park which meant that there might be birds such as pheasant and partridge. And perhaps mipit and skylark too ,although its a bit late for them.

there was also a pond which is where I went first to see what was there. Besides the shellduck there was nothing. I haddent realised but my shutter-speed was still quite low after yesterday, and so most of my potential shellduck shots were no good.

And as I said there was a deer park and so naturally there were deer there too, including one that was very tame.

sadly as I said there was nothing really see, although at one point a kingfisher came rocketing past, probably heading to more productive areas. there were also two dapchicks on the river, although they did not stick around for a photo.

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