Sunday, 24 October 2010

cotswolds holiday-day 1

a nice sunny Sunday morning greeted us as we set off for our epic voyage to the Cotswold's for a holiday. To be specific we were staying at a campsite outside of the Cotswold's, near to Warwick and as a result that is where we spent our first afternoon. I stayed in the local park next to the river to see what I could find. I found a grey squirrel stocking up on winter foods. When he saw me he bolted up a tree but there he stayed so I tried to get as close as I could.

eventually I got so close I decided to try and take a photo of him from the front to create every ones perfect picture of the cute grey squirrel (false impressions!). the animal was so bold I managed it with ease.

Down at the river there were a number of birds but the evening light was making beautiful photography e.g. of this swan.

From the bridge near the park you got lovely views of the castle and the water was dead calm so that there was a lovely reflection, only my camera lens is too big for me to fully capture that, so you will have to take my word for it!

I returned to the park after that and there I met up with my old enemy. this one however looked ideal. Some peoples dog was not on a lead and it just wandered all the way up to bird without the bird batting an eyelid. This is ideal I thought! Famous last words. The bird was chased off moments later of all things by another magpie which rocketed out of a nearby tree and almost literally shoved it off the bench. Alas, the quest continues.

down by the river I caught up with another of my birds that have escaped photography-the carrion crow and these were slightly more bold than the magpie and so was able to get some more photos.

But hark look, over the trees, lurks the ominous rain cloud!!

luckily we were just about wrapping up. my mum had just gone to the toilet and as a result I had a little look in an artificial mud stream and to my surprise I found a grey wagtail. I did my best to try and get some photos because the bird was not shy but sadly it was already finishing in the stream when i found it and soon left before I could get any decent photos.

Back at the caravan site it was almost dark but there was a lovely dark moon although the photo doesn't really show it because of the flash but still!

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