Tuesday, 21 September 2010

some bike conference about two sundays ago

this I really did not want to go to! my dad owns a bike shop, he is self employed, and so He had to go to a Giant (his suppliers) bike conference in a hotel near a golf course in Birmingham. I was constantly told, There will be lots of grounds, but in reality there was very little space that could be of any decency. However behind a clump of trees I managed to find a small area of untainted scrubby woodland where there were lots of tits and robins and dunnock etc.

Insect wise there was a comma feeding on some berries in the sun

and a pair of speckled woods having a kung-fu fight, or at least one of them was...

on the actually course, besides crabby golfers, there was only a magpie taunting me. Eventually I couldn't be bothered playing its stupid hop and hide game so I shot it in mid hop, It didn't work out as well as I Had hoped but I'm still getting closer to that shot.

also a hoverfly

A thoroughly wasted day!

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