Wednesday, 14 July 2010

the garden and a quick post norfolk round-up

The last time that I posted on this website was the Norfolk holiday. I would just like to clear up the reasons why there has been no posting since! Mainly in the immediate weeks after the holiday was because of exams (shudder) and later because of the world cup. Now however things will return to normal. Luckily to keep you all interested I did a spot of garden birdwatching during the football matches as the birdfeeders are just outside the living room window. So here follows a 6 week account of garden wildlife after the Norfolk holiday!

A few days before the physics exam I went to my dads shop to work (before world cup) When I arrived back home my mum Showed me and my dad some four baby blue tits looking lovely in the trees. No adults that we saw but all were looking fit and healthy. My photos of the four birds on a branch were a bit poor so these are all I can really show you.

During many of the late evening matches we were visited by our local stock dove who offered mild entertainment. One night he even brought a Friend to come and feed on the lawn. Its great to have such unusual garden birds come so frequently to the garden

The window bird feeder was causing some stirring amongst the house sparrows who constantly came to the window for a feed. The glass reflection can be a bit of a pain but I managed to get some decent pictures.

And it was not just the sparrows. The local mob also have started coming onto the window again see below, one contemplating the short flight across from the birdtable.

There were not only baby blue tits but baby sparrows around as well with their gorgeous little yellow gapes!. Here is a picture of daddy feeding one of his offspring from the lower stand of my mums flower hanging things!

However maybe its not just the birdseed that this collard dove was interested in. He seems far more interested in the football.

Here's a profile shot of one of the baby house sparrows that have been flitting around. This was the most showy but at one point there were about 10 sat in one bush (unfortunately low light meant no shots from that instance)

And a final note of three baby robin chicks that have been around and about the garden recently. A nice surprise during some of the less exciting football matches. Only two baby's featured here but trust me that there were three.


  1. Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)

  2. Hi Dish, just thought Id let you know that the King Eider is still at Filey, I see its on your must see list.

  3. cheers nick
    Have been in scotland so I have probably missed it.
    Thanks anyway!