Sunday, 28 February 2010

pink feet over the house

saw these four geese fly over the house this mrning. i managed to get my camera as they did a loop-da-loop and landed in a private pond. i think these are the same birds that matt bell had yesterday over by todmorden.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

ogden, a long time ago (hence the reser being frozen)

a frozen reservoir made things difficult for the ducks, even their feeding area was frozen. otherwise very little in the way of birdlife.

the garden lately

just look at this bird-seed stealing monster
it kept running out of the bush, photo 1
and stealing the seed that had dropped.
ah well, its still a bit cute

Friday, 19 February 2010

malham cove-wednesday

we went for a walk. unfortunatly it lost its spectaculararity becuase of the mist. bird wise it was soemwhat lacking but i managed to see a dipper or two. the village and town were the highest concentrations of birds
collard doves
blue tit
crows of various
half a shrew-(frozen)

the limestone pavement

the river was frozen quite spectacularly

my first dipper shots
a fog shot

the closest encounter with a house sparrow ever


a quiet snowy day. the forest was quite spectacular in the snow

all the usual stuff on the feeders and reservoir

coal tit

great tit

blue tit

common gull

black-headed gull


canada goose

Sunday, 14 February 2010

the garden this afternoon

saturday-at my dads shop

i went to my dads shop today. he told me to bring my camera, because there were some very tame sparrows outside his shop. however on the way, we saw a large flock of lapwings above northowram. we naturally assumed that this was the whole folck but believe it or not, there were more on the ground (bottom pick). the whole flock was there by home time (top pics). the sparrows were quite bold but they just hid in the bush so photography was quite hard.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


on the way home, thursday, i flushed our local male sparrowhwk just outside bradshaw park. at first i though it must be a feildfare becuase i only saw the blue but then, based on its sitting position on the roof on a house opposite, proved to be a sparrowhawk

Sunday, 7 February 2010

ogden yesterday in the fog

to be frank there asnt much to see besides the fog, but i learnt how to use the macro setting on my camera which i was pleased about

the fog had managed to get about everywhere

i also saw a chaffincg, robin, dunnock and a great tit!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


i did a talk today about garden birds to the ogden watch group.

heres me!

i did a powerpoint and a talk but it would not have been possible without the wardens who let me do it in the frist place but also helped me go through it and gave me some constructive critisism. i could not have done it without it.

its not really a sunday work party but i have labeled it as this becuase it would be good to group all that sort of stuff together.

last night

after going to church for a talk, driving home at half past nine on the road below the police station a fox ran out infront of us. if he keeps up with that game he wont be around for much longer. still there stunning views to be had as we sped past.