Monday, 16 November 2009

scotland long weekend day 1 (sunday)

we went up to scotland for a the weekend seeing as though it was a four day one. we were going to go to calaverock on monday but the weather was supposed to get worse so we went on sunday (it proved to be a wise choice) as we drove down the lane to the reserve we encountered our first flock of barnalce geese. from there the birds just kept cropping up everywhere.

before i start lets not forget the commoner birds

see if you can count the teals

widgeon are such handsome birds

these shoveler were just outside the hide

i wanted to take photos of whooper swans so much whooper swans. in the end it was well worth it.

only 2 gadwall on the whole reserve

bar tailed godwits

april:-just so you know, i identified this bird on a i cant be bothered basis but having researched it it turns out that it is a black tailed godwit due to the black tail and lack of streaking. just a correction on the original mis-identification.

the real stars of the show

it was an awsome day and i really enjoyed it. besides the photos show the other bird were

2 snipe i didnt even relise i'd seen until i checked a photo of some teal

mallards, canadas, and mute swans


2 distant shellduck

there were birds everywhere. once a fox spooked all the teal creating a mssive flock. they flew right over where i was standing and the noise was just incredible.

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