Monday, 3 August 2009

dumfries and galloway, holiday day 12, part 1

awwwwww cute red tree rat!

a siskin

a greater spotted woodpecker

a jay
i always love threave becuase there are just so many birds. but blast it this time the camera packed in as we arrived.
that diddnt hinder the birds though:
2 jays quite close but very flighty
1 siskin
spotted flyctacher 1
treecreeper 1
1 greater spotted woodpecker and juvenile
2 red tree rats
1 willow warbler- had me confused it was so yellow
1 robin+juv
2 blackbirds
garden birds:
blue tit 5
blue tit juveniles 9
chaffinch 15
great tit 7
greenfinch 5
coal tit 6
nuthatch 3
woodpig 2

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