Monday, 3 August 2009

dumfreis and galloway, holiday day 9, part 1

a large flock of redpolls milled about in the gardens which was really good becuase otherwise my record shot would be a red smuge, but now i got these much clearer images.

the long awaited sight of a golden ringed dragonfly :0. man they are spectacular-just look at them 5 years was well worth the wait.

a commical sunbathing blackbird.

juvenile willow warbler that was sat in a beautiful tree

small copper

a red legged partridge

same juvs

nice rlp

the best day of the holiday for definate. it was incredible:
10 redpoll
5 willowwarbler-1 family and 1 stray
1 red-legged partridge
1 greater spotted woodpecker
1 dunnock
7 greylag geese
11 chaffinch
7 blackbird
5 whitethroat
1 common hawker
5 golden ringed dragonfly
1 common darter (f)
small copper
painted lady
red admiral
small white

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