Friday, 10 July 2009

year nine camp-sumarry

set off on year nine camp on wednesday for a week of outdoor activities with my school and friends.
day 1
got there at about 9.30 and got straight on with archery and then mountain boarding. at lunchtime went for a explore of the small feild we were in and found fish in the stream behind the boys tents-brill
then we went caving and got nearly stuck in the "cheese-press" a 15cm high gap but i made it. obviously not much to report from the underground world

day 2
did a waterfall walk today at ingleton falls tyred out from a sleepless night so it was harder going than normal but i was rewarded with a grey wagtail, a green woodpecker and a mother dipper feeding a baby. the dippers were not put off by our presance as we hopped over the stepping stones. thenh we went in a white scar caves.
that afternoon we did a mountain bike trail. it was good but i failed to see anything so another tyreing day.

day 3-the hitter
woke up on our last day with orientering ahead of our group. we set off not expecting much but upon attempting our 2nd orient we stumbled into a huge feild of ferns and saw a pale brown butterfly. i instantly knew this was a fritillary not a wall brown which normally happens. matty wouldnt let me chase it but it kept comeing back. eventually i got a good enough view to see it and identify it. here is a consise list of all the wonderfull and plentiful butterflies i saw.

speckled wood
common blue
holly blue
meadow brown
cabbage white
dark green fritillary
small skipper
small heath

this is my first proper butterfly experience this year so i was thrilled.
we also saw a green woodpecker and a sparrowhawk and after much running me And matty broke the orientering record of the week with 165 points beating the macgregors by 10 points. a thrilling day
p.s came home on this day

Saturday, 4 July 2009

ogden this morning

sean gray ringing a woodpig
large skipper?
nothing there besides this
small heath there also and mipits heard
swifts overhead