Saturday, 30 May 2009

east coast holiday day 1 saturday

we arrived at the campsite at 7.00pm so this wasnt really a day. it was surrounded by a forestry commision forest so that evening we went for a walk. it was twighlight and as we walked about we saw chiffchaffs and later bats too. we also spotted a roe deer. my dad thought it was a stump because as i clapped and yelled it just stood there. however when the camera flash went off it spooked and ran away barking.

tree sparrow- there was a nest on the campsite in a birdbox

beautiful pictures off the surrounding farmland
werewolves do exist-record shot!!
actually its the roe deer photo i explained about earlier but you would never guess
i wonder if the farmer gets bad reception
i also found a blue tit nest it a really tiny crack in the farmers garage wall. it was really interesting watching the parents fly in and out.
we also saw a kestrel whilst driving down

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