Saturday, 30 May 2009

the last 2 days of the east coast holiday

on the last 2 days we did nothing bird related so i shall leave you with some cute ducklings which we saw on the way to whitby. on the last day we visted sealife-scarbourogh. it really was a great holiday

east coast holiday day 3 monday part 2

went for a walk on the river derwent today to kill the afternoon. normally i would get a new bird every holiday but as you can imagine it gets harder everytime. with bempton my chances this time were looking slim. but low and behold ahs we neared the end of our walk a redstart sat sat on a pole at the opposite side off a feild talk about luck.

gorgeouse baby great tit

wonderful redstart
baby great tit
also robin, wren and chaffinch

east coast holiday day 3 monday part 1

today we spent the morning at bempron. it was a bright sunny day and the gannets white plumage glowed through the camera.

a lovely female linnet. there was a very timid pair

a whitethroat. a not very good record shot

a tree sparrow
bridled guillemot

the gannets
overall today we saw:
tree sparrows
herring gull
pied wagtail
carrion crow
black headed gull-no joke

east coast holiday day 2 sunday

went to flamborough head today-nothing unusual there as per usual but plent of interesting stuff. when we arrived it was early in the morning and as we walked down the many steps we saw whitethroats, goldfinches and linnets aswell as house martins. when we arrived at the bottom ther were house martins everywhere aswell as kittywakes. as the tide went out we explored further and came across yet more kittywakes and some guillemots and razorbills too. my brother went rockpooling and caught a blenny and a squat lobster and, most incredibly, a lumpsucker. it was quite amazing but my brother kept bragging about how it was going to be the bast thing on the holiday, but as, if you read on, will find out-it was not.

over lunch we were joined by a bold and hyperactive wagtail. i put out some crumbs and it almost came to feed off my hand-but diddnt. my dad said that it must have a nest nearby but i said i could go and find it because it would be hidden up a cliff and-as far as icould see was not in an accecable place from the ground, due to the riseing tide. howver when my dad said that he thought he had seen a seals head chaseing seagulls i explored through the caves to get closer to the seal. i had not seen a seal yet this year so it was pretty cool. but whats even more amazing is when i turned around from the stretch off rock i was on (i had trainers, not sandels, so couldnt get my feet wet) to see my dad and brother coming i saw the wagtail returing and going into a cave above my nest. i then heard frantic cheaping so inadvertantly found the nest after all.

east coast holiday day 1 saturday

we arrived at the campsite at 7.00pm so this wasnt really a day. it was surrounded by a forestry commision forest so that evening we went for a walk. it was twighlight and as we walked about we saw chiffchaffs and later bats too. we also spotted a roe deer. my dad thought it was a stump because as i clapped and yelled it just stood there. however when the camera flash went off it spooked and ran away barking.

tree sparrow- there was a nest on the campsite in a birdbox

beautiful pictures off the surrounding farmland
werewolves do exist-record shot!!
actually its the roe deer photo i explained about earlier but you would never guess
i wonder if the farmer gets bad reception
i also found a blue tit nest it a really tiny crack in the farmers garage wall. it was really interesting watching the parents fly in and out.
we also saw a kestrel whilst driving down

Monday, 18 May 2009

the gannets at bempton

need i say more

week ago at bempton

notice the bridaled guillemot on the far right hand side

the best photo of the day

fighting is dissaproved off in a school environment

ahhhhh-a theif get away you pest

spring is here

a record show of tree sparrows

kittywakes colecting mud for their nests. got quite a good view which this photo dosnt really show

herring gulls devouring my fish and chips-how very dare they

not at bempton cliffs but at country park above filey brigg in the pouring rain

also seen were:

pied wagtail




great tit


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

the garden recently

a goldfinch less than 1m away

a dunnock-badly cropped photo

a poo shot of a male greenfinch displaying

there go the hopes of a good crop this year

they really are messy feeders-greenfinch and goldfinch

beautiful goldfinches

why dont they serve the right food anymore-collard dove in a flap

a sparrow-lovely bird

what a gem

spring is here