Sunday, 27 December 2009

scammonded-in search of the mysterious GND

a quiet and slushy walk around the harbour side of the resovoir. sadly i could not find the diver which i was gutted about but thats the way things are. however all was not in vain. we got smashing views of a jay in flight. i dont go to scammonden often (3 times in 15 years) so i can not really say plus the usual species because i dont actually know what they are. plenty of b.h.gulls plus a song thrush and woodpigeons and canada geese and lots of mallards.

as we left we saw a kestrel attacking a crow. in the end the crow got so annoyed that it had to land to avoid harrasment.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

ogden today

some beautiful wintery scenes

just as we finished the walk we saw this weasle really close
how do you tell the differece between a weasle and a stoat?
a weasle is weasily identified and a stoat is stoataly different!!
and old craker joke
not much in the way of birdlife. glove eating goose was still there. plus a kestrel and a sparrowhawk fighting although i only saw them go their separarate ways.
a cracking winter day

ogden yesterday

a vicious bird

that goose is back

3 teal, 1 male and 2 females plus a dubious bird with them

my first ever ogden nuthatch and whats more is that there where two

the gulls look extra pretty in the snow
included for its artisticness, notice the footprints on the snow covered ice
all in all a smashing day. also a robin and 2 blackbirds forraging. also a kestrel which flew along side the car similar to skuas and boats.

Monday, 21 December 2009

more birds in th snow

the robins in the snow gave me a real christmassy feel

plent of dunnocks still around

finding bread in the snow

this blackbird was violently attacked by the food we put out

the starling numbers always increase nearer chriustmas

so often there are squabbles

a birdtable squabble between a starling and blackbird

Saturday, 19 December 2009

birds in the snow

a picture of christmas

low light was a real problem in this shot

as it was in this

a dunnock in the snow

a robin in a snowy bush

ufortunatly this starling neede to realise that snow wasnot edible

or was it after something more

the birdfeeder neede to be bigger

a slush bath

the snow
all these photos were taken today. the following were taken yesterday


a robin

these shots would have been better with a robin but i am not complaining

there were plent of starlings
a dunnock
a blackbird.