Tuesday, 30 December 2008


noticed 4 kestrels whilst driving home today on the wires
not all at the same place

oxenhope moor

a cold morning in bleak -1.5 degree conditions
40 (precisly) red grouse, i very close, so close you could see every detail
1 robin
1 very breif glimps of a golden plover
3 flyover mipits
almost trod on a rabbit whilst running, this practically killed me with fright

a sucsessfull morning


a quiet morning down by the river
4 dippers
one seen swimming diving and doing other stuff about 2m away
numerous goosanders quite close
blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, nuthatches
heard some "fencepost" birds which were probably mipits

Saturday, 27 December 2008


coal tit
a quick walk round this morning
1 greater spotted woodpecker
usual gulls and mallards
birdtable birds:
1 chaffinch
2 coal tits
2 robins
1 great tit

bolton abbey-yesterday


jesus duck-walking on water
a very nice walk but little to show for it:
2 goldcrests less than 2m away hovering and just being goldcrests-superb
a pair of goosander swimming up the river
1 dead long tailed tit, perfectly preserved
1 live long tailed tit in the tree tops
1 jesus mallard walking on water

merry christmas

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Halifax town center yesterday at 5.00
i was in town yesterday and remebered about the wagtail roost but looking up could see none. i walked under the tree 5 mins later and something fell on my head. i looked up and there they were sat in the top of a tree.
it was amazing
the most amazing wildlife spectacle this year
well worth it
there must have been about 300 in one tree

Ogden this morn
1 treecreeper
3 goldcrests
1 wren really close
1 woodpecker heard