Thursday, 30 October 2008

last day

the dreaded packing up
but happy cause in a few hours we will be home and i ill see my pet fish again
campsite this morning, very quite and a serious frost.
apparently it froze on the inside of the caravan
1 jay, heard before seen
1 woodpecker, very breif
1 nuthatch heard calling

off we go home

we called off a stratford on the way home
last time i was here i had severe vomiting and we didnt go on the boats
despite the minus temperture 1 was still dragged unwillingly onto the frozen boat of doom

tufted ducks in small numbers
2 pied wagtails-the nicest bird this holiday
numerous lost blackbirds-no compass in their heads
swans-en masse
canada geese (not goose)
black headed gulls
1 grey wagtail-wish it was as tame as those yesterday

traffic was terible getting home so didnt get to see my fish much that day
how unfortunet

day-went to some river thing in a village

it was a very peacful river in a nice stone built village
lots of pretty bridges and the water was crystle clear
some very tame grey wagtails
very tame
some big fish too

the birding today was the best ever:
king penguin-the only colony in england, wales ands ireland
victoria crowned pigeon x2
golden phesant
nicobar pigeon
pink-backed pelican
humbolt pengiun
carmine bee-eater
3 types of flamingo-and a crazed gull who seemed to want their extinction by attacking them and stealing their food
2 rheas
various macaws
azure-winged magpies-lots of them too
some bird that wouldnt stop saying "hi"
another of the smae speices that lived in a berr barrel
black and comb-billed swans
chestnut teals
black billed blue pie-mmmmmmmmm pie
some toucan
egyptian plover
blacksmith plover

and so the list goes on
oh and by the way-this was in a zoo

day 2-oxford

what joy, we finnaly get ot go to the oxford unversity museaum
it would have been cool-but we spent the morning in the car being lost
why, why, why
anyway i had a fossil on me which i was desperate to get identified because i was told it might be a dinosaur claw.
finally got there only to realise i forgot the fossil :(
go back to get it
get it identified
its a fish tooth
so much for dinosaur claw

pigeons (feral)
sparrowhawk-quite high too
buzzard-sat in a tree
buzzards must live a very red kite like exsistance;
it something dies then eat it and if its still alive wait for it to die

another exciting day

oxford holiday-day 1

look hard and you may see

the most boring journey in history :(
we finaly stopped at some natonal trust place somewhere out in the middle of nowhere
the birds were few and sparse:
great creasted grebe
tufted duck
however, underwater it was a different story:
1 perch-very impressive
1 native crayfish-amazing it was so big, about 20cm long
then to finish the journey
what little joys life provides

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


had a weasle in my garden today
it was so cool
it ran about like it was on caffine
we lost it eventually
i didnt really know what it was doing
it kept going back and forth.

i think i'll call him herbert