Friday, 1 August 2008

day 3

a driving round day mainly. i had wanted to go to this side of the island, for dartford warblers, glanville fritillaries and fossils but in the end we just drove round in circles. eventually we parked up at a beach, around the corner from the needles.
the water was A.) barren (no seaweed) and B.) poor visibility so snorkiling was out of question. luckily above the beach was a reserve where the warblers were apparently residing. it was quite a walk which resulted in us ( me and my dad) getting lost for a number of times. even so we soon came out to the top of some beautiful heathalnd on the top of the cliff, over looking the needles. it was a beautiful habitat and a cloudless day. but sadly the birdlife did no really match

dartford warbler, or so i am thinking for what else could that little maroon blob on a bush some 50 meters away be. the tail angle also suggests this but i shall never know, becuase the cursed thing did a runner before i could i.d. properly

all seen today

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