Sunday, 31 August 2008


saw 1 peregrine over halifax

also seen 5 herring gulls today

still wednesday

6 red breasted mergansers
saw them less than 1m away
i didnt know they ate bread
caught it before it even hit the water

also were:
the usual arangemant of oversized rainbow trout
tufted ducks
mute swans
a coot fighting the wier in a desperate attempt to get up-why did god give them wings?
canada geese

wednesdays stuff

camera still broken:
ladybower dam:
chaffinches-lots of

lots of frogs and toadlets

Monday, 25 August 2008

albino starling

just seen one fly past with the normals starlings

today at some other national trust place: beningbrough hall and gardens

just 3 holly blues to show for it
and a red admiral

Friday, 22 August 2008

anglers CP

sorry about the quallity of the pics-binocular shots

finally get to go :)
how convinient that there is nothing there when i go:

ruddy duck pair
3 common tern
infinate lapwings
infinate black headed gulls
1 snipe
1 ruff

same as before- no pics yet as my camera is broken

some natural trust place

seen on wednesday:
emperor dragonfly
ruddy darter

no pics yet as my camera is broken :(

Thursday, 14 August 2008


the waders have at last arived on the ogden mud:
7 oystercatchers with the black headed gulls this morning (computer been down since then)

coal tits presant
1 dipper flew up one of the 2 rivers
1 grey wagtail flew down the same river
plus usual speices

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


red kites

grey heron, can you tell?


also presant on this fine day out of many that were not, are:
1 goosander flying over the lake
3 buzzard
infinate mallards
infinate tuftd ducks-one with lots of white round its bill
infinate graylag geese
infinate canada geese

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

a rescue

saved a toad from drowning in a full buket today
must have been there all night and i did wonder if it was still alive
it moved when i took it out-its gaze kept following me
so i put it in the feild and came back in about 5 minuets and by then it had gone
and they all lived happily ever after

Friday, 8 August 2008

stocksbridge this morning

breif look round

3 woodpeckers on the wires
1 reed bunting

blue tits
great tits

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

a quick moth trap

antler moth

wainscot sp

small spot buff

a very quick moth trap with some light results

Friday, 1 August 2008

day 11/day 4

a very insect-filled day
top to bottom:
common darter
southern hawker

day 10/day 3

went to an aquarium today so not many natural animals. stoped off at a reserve on the way home and went for a walk in the woods

toad in the tent this morning


little egret
black tailed godwit
common tern

walk in the woods
went on the walk to look at a pond but then chose a different way home which got us lost then we found our way back to a part of the trail we knew so my dad decided to take another trail he didnt know. we ended up at a junction. we decided that, at the time, it was best to take the route that led to the road which was a mistake because the other route (unbenownst to us) led back the caravan. so then we found ourselves on a road we didnt know and had to walk a very long way to find a road we did.

nightjar-woowwweeee, my first

well worth getting lost for

day 9/day 2

HMS Victory in its portsmouth dockyard

black arches

prominent moth of some description
nothing seen today besides these moths

day 8/day 1

a woodland day
gone to a campsite where nightjars where regularly heard but so far never seen probably becuase the campsite owners said that they had-"been looking for them with torches, and in the day" FAIL!. the campsite was very beautiful. the toilets were full of moths, including my first green moth by the washing up area. it was surrounded by prisitne woodland where in the evening wewent for a walk. this is what we saw.

roe deer
violet beetle-it moved the leaflitter so much we thought it must be a mole
heard a nightjar

day 7-last day on the island

another rather fishy day

sea bass
rock cook
corkwing wrasse

day 6-it rained

some raritys seen today
this is thje best zoo i have ever been to. they were great and whats more is that they were really keen to help the rainforest. its great too here all the people saying that the rainforest needs saving but yet they never tell us what we can do. the zoo was supported by a charity who bought bits of the rainforest for private land. besides that there were plenty of unusual birds arouing the greenhouses including (see below) some blue faced honey creeper.

plate billed moutnain toucan

humbouilt penquin

squacco heron

scarlett ibis

day 5

back to the lizard beach today in ventnor at the very south of the island. suprisingly there were even lizards in the town running up the walls. we satyed all day and had a drink in the evening. there were some really massive grasshoppers in the ushes which took some finding but once fpound were massive and really cool

much fewer lizards
black headed gull

day 4

holly blue

magpie moth

another beach but rocky this time

a more underwter day today

little egret

sandwhich tern



sea bass

rock cook

day 3

a driving round day mainly. i had wanted to go to this side of the island, for dartford warblers, glanville fritillaries and fossils but in the end we just drove round in circles. eventually we parked up at a beach, around the corner from the needles.
the water was A.) barren (no seaweed) and B.) poor visibility so snorkiling was out of question. luckily above the beach was a reserve where the warblers were apparently residing. it was quite a walk which resulted in us ( me and my dad) getting lost for a number of times. even so we soon came out to the top of some beautiful heathalnd on the top of the cliff, over looking the needles. it was a beautiful habitat and a cloudless day. but sadly the birdlife did no really match

dartford warbler, or so i am thinking for what else could that little maroon blob on a bush some 50 meters away be. the tail angle also suggests this but i shall never know, becuase the cursed thing did a runner before i could i.d. properly

all seen today

day 2

went to the beach had little hope of new species but as you will find out it was great

lizards-wall lizards
also a cormorant