Friday, 30 May 2008

scotland holiday-day 3

logan botanical gardens:
scotlands largest garden for tropical plants. because of the gulf stream many tropical plants can be grown here. this did affect the wildlife in a way but there were some briliant photo oppertuneties.

chaffinch that walked right past me

red legged partridge-really close but not as tame as the chaffinch

mull of galloway-RSPB
have been before but the visitor center wasnt running. now it was so we all had a nice lunch. it had much improved since the last time especially the wildlife. last time it was just kittywakes and stonechats and guillemots but this time there was

poor male linnet shot
1 twite only my second
3 mipits
2 wheatear
2 rock pipits

2 black guillemots
2 common gullemots
infinate razorbills
2 puffins
infinate gannets
2 hourbour porpoise
perched male peregrine-absolutely amazing
5 manx shearwater
infinate kittywakes
infinate herring gulls
infinate greater black-backed gull
infinate shags
infinate cormornat

port logan:
sandy beach with rocks at either end
10 ringed plovers
2 sandwhich tern
been snorkeling here before and seen cuckoo wrasse but today the wether was apauling

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