Thursday, 22 May 2008


anti-neighbourghhood cat shcemes developed by the haliax guys
Nick Carter said...
Try petrol and a match.
5:15 PM
AndyC said...
Catapults are very good.
5:37 PM
BSUMNER said...
If you know the owners approach them with the situation and ask them if they,ll put a bell on the cats collar. Failing that resort back to nick carters idea.
6:00 PM
Matt Bell said...
Try one of those super soaker monster water pistol things. Their face is a picture if you hit them right, and they stay away for a while.
7:29 PM
Andrew Huyton said...
buy a cheap but very effective paint ball gun, they hurt like hell when they hit you and it will put a smile on your face especially if you buy multi coloured paint balls, go paint a masterpiece.Less violent is lion manure or one of those electronic cat scarers.
sorry nick

1 comment:

  1. very suprised at nick carter suggested setting fire to animals with petrol,being that he is the chairman of the local conservation group.

    another thing cats are introduced by man you garden was made by man,nest boxes are made by man,so infact its your own fault.