Tuesday, 13 November 2007

short eared owl

saw 1 this morning guess where soil hill. 1 was flushed making it my third new bird in 3 days all at the same site. now that is something. only 1 more resident british owl to go

Monday, 12 November 2007

same day different bird

i cant belive it. not only my first jack snipe but 1 text from brian and now 3 snow buntings on the same patch on the same day. all in winter plumage 3. snow buntings are coming in a lot be
cause their on migration so with luck we will see more in days to come

jack snipe

saw 1 up on soil hill at 9.30 this morning also presant were golden plover, meadow pipits, sparrowhawk, magpie and 6 red legged partridges. jack snipe by far the best bird. my personal first.