Wednesday, 31 October 2007

feildfares, golden plover and grey partridge

what more is there to say realy thats what there ws and man there was some fab views througt the bins. golden plovers flew around for a while before finally settleing. feildfare about 5 were all around in the srub.

Saturday, 27 October 2007

ring ouzel update

the guys said that it could be but gave me some other suggestions. niether of their suggestions matched the laser gun element i heard in the call of the birds however i read that ring ouzels were smaller than blackbirds so it could'nt have been them because these were much larger. so we'll leave it here. also i forgot to put this on the 24th section of hte holiday but a large flock of redwings flew over walla crag when i was looking at the whinchat (robin, stonechat, medow pipit)

Friday, 26 October 2007

other holiday pics

last day

nothing much today just the usual but i did see a merganser and then just as we were leaving 2 more cam down from up rivewr. this wasnt on derwntwater i might add it was on abbleside near grassmere. also saw a dipper ( all the merganser photos are the same bird)

24th second to last day in lakeland

whinchat my first on walla crag

medow pipit on walla crag


common or mew gull

lesser black backed gull being mobbed by a black headed in winter plumage

cropped version of the above can you tell

also saw 1 wigeon and a stonechat on top of walla crag. the wigeon was on the resovoir and the lesser black backed gull showed well today again so well infact thjat i didnt even have to use my bins to get these fab photos.

23rd of october

juvenile herring gull

lesser black backed gull


common gull blured for the same reason

this was the best day we also saw the red breatsed merganser twice and huge numbers of pheasnts unfortunetly there was no camera on hand at that moment

22nd october still in lakeland

we went to mayport today to look at the aquarium if you want to see some of the best fish photos here they are.

anyway back to the point the birds. we went for a walk on the headland and we saw

5 redshank

100 greylag geese

2 greater black backed gull

1 kingfisher

1 common gull

50 herring gull

1 whimbrel

1 common ringed plover

it was a good day but the bird that won it all ahd to be the ringed plover because they are just so charming.

my holiday in lakeland 21st october

2 jackdaws on a weather vane

red breasted merganser
other birds seen of particular interest were as follows
20 cormorants
2 chaffinches
1 nuthatch
1 moorhen
2 coot
5 blackbirds
20 robins
1 great tit
30 black-headed gulls
1 common gull
50 canada geese
60 greylag geese
2 coal tit
30 mallards
2 muscovy
1 greenfinch

Sunday, 14 October 2007

ring ouzel

just put a post on calderdale birds so we'll see what they think 99% sure that it was but not 100%. it would be nice if it was though.

Thursday, 4 October 2007


saw one flying over illingworth and then i saw an adult male at the bird table. unfortunetly i didnt relise but as soon as i did it had gone. he didnt catch anything and if he did then he took it with him or perhaps he just wanted some bread we put out for the starlings. also besides the starling nest i found in the school wall and in my roof now i have found a sparrows nest in the top corner of my school about 20m up. thats 3 october nests.