Sunday, 30 September 2007

soil hill and the mipit invasion

went up to soil hill this afternoon. practicaly killed ourselves trying to see a snipe which we failed to do. also hundereds of mipits. also at the site was 1 weatear, lots of linnets, 4 kestrels and a sparrowhawk female possibly the one we have had in the garden on previous occasions. also met brian sumner also birdwatching.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

other photos of r.b.m

ok these wenrt my pics but were the same 2 birds at ogden only they were taken yesterday through a digiscope. now these are much better than my pics

red breasted merganser

the last 2 pics are a bit small because their quaility wasnt very good so they look better smaller. they were both red breasted mergansers at ogden. 2 females both photos were taken at the tower. also a robin in the garden. its a pic so i thought id put it on for the sake of it.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

white wagtail

saw a white wagtail on the way home from town today being chased by a pied. flew overhead so no pictures but plenty more should come through

Friday, 21 September 2007

hello hello hello

the birds came to the garden again mainly spparows but also our 2 local collard doves did you know that collard doves only came to britain 50 years ago and loads of twitchers flocked down to norfolk where they were and now there all over the place fancy that

Sunday, 16 September 2007

sparrowhawk in my garden

ok this wasnt today but friday anyway it was still a good bird and a record to keep an eye on

willow tit

saw willow tit at Elland gravel pits. My first this year. i hope to see more as the year progresses

Saturday, 15 September 2007

september the 3rd

black redstart soil hill good views 3rd time like
no pictures

Birds Already Seen

Egyptian Goose

-Black Guillemot

-Roseate Tern

Barnacle Goose

Other birds I have seen but failed to take a photo of are

-Hen Harrier - Kintyre, July
-Shore Lark - Norfolk, February
-Glaucous gull - Norfolk, February
-Little Gull - Kintyre, July
-Manx Shearwater - Kintyre, July
-Grey Partridge
-White Fronted Geese - Norfolk, February
-Grey plover - Norfolk, February
-Golden plover - Norfolk February
-Reed warbler
-Sedge warbler
-Greenshank - Filey Dams, 
-Barn owl - Filey Dams,
-Common sandpiper
-Tawny owl
-Great northern diver - Kintyre, July
-Egyptian goose - Norfolk,
-Woodcock - Foxglove Covert,
-Purple Sandpiper
-Water Pipit - Fairburn Ings